Thursday, December 1, 2011

Glass Rules, Plastic Drools

Plastics are derived from oil and don’t biodegrade that we know of. Even for these two reasons, plastics are clearly not on the superhero spectrum. Furthermore, scientists don’t fully understand the health risks associated with constant exposure to plastic, but it’s clear there are some sketchy chemicals that do weird things to our bodies.

One specific risk of plastics is that they contain xenoestrogens, which can alter the female hormonal system to create imbalance and disease. Especially if you are a young woman, avoid eating from plastic dishes and storing your food in plastic containers. Most food is packaged in plastic- but remember the bulk section and the fruits in veggies! There are also some foods in glass containers like juices and sauces.

The harmful chemicals in plastics are leached out especially when you heat the plastic up. So, avoid adding hot liquids to plastic bowls or cups, and never heat up food in plastic containers. Instead, use glass or ceramic bowls and storage containers. Used glass jars or mason jars are an ally here. Pyrex makes glass storage containers with plastic lids, which work great and come in all sizes. I bought two of them at the Goodwill today. The bulk section is also an ally in the noble quest of plastic avoidance. Remember to use paper bags (which you can save and reuse), or glass jars. When using your own jars, weigh it first and write down weight on jars to report to checkout so they can take that amount off the total weight. Check in with the store about setting up a system to use reusable containers.

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