Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We know where we've been, but where are we going?

A great quote to start us out on this one: "When you're going through hell... keep going."

We know so well how we don't want to feel, and it seems that a lot of medicine is based on not wanting to feel a certain way. I don't want to feel fatigue, I don't want to have headaches, I don't want to have indigestion, I don't want acne... In the map of life metaphor, we know that town we're leaving, but we don't know where we're going. We end up drifting through various states of health, none of which we were necessarily intending.

This brings up the importance of planning your trip to health. How are you getting there? What is the final destination? Is it a one way ticket? With clear intentions, your journey could be totally blissful, and then you end up in a magical wonderland. This plays into the idea that you create your own reality. This really beats leaving hell and wandering around to who knows where. Let's fly out of the problem-based reality and into the solution-based reality.

Spend a moment thinking about how you really want to feel. What kind of things are you doing? How does your body feel? What are your relationships like? What are you eating? What are your emotions? Visualize it in your mind and get down to the details. Writing it down or making a collage is a great way to keep it going.

Here is an example: 
I have smooth digestion, assimilating nutrients efficiently and use them for the greatest integrity in my body. I eat when and how much I need, and process my emotions around food in a creative and nurturing way. I appreciate my food fully and chew thoroughly. I am grateful to have such amazing food. My skin, as a reflection of these harmonic inner workings, is smooth and bright. I feel open and able to relate to people on many levels. I practice excellent hygiene. I exercise regularly doing things that nourish me on many levels. I give myself time to relax and take care of myself. Moving is like dancing- I feel light and flexible.

Notice the specifics. There is a suggestion here of ways I don't want to feel, but I don't mention it. I use all positive statements, and all in simple present tense, as if the state it already upon me. You can even include really specific things like medicines you might take and how you'll feel when you take them. For example "I will take digestive bitters before meals which will help me digest my proteins and fats well. This will give me more energy and brighten my skin." 

The final step is appreciating your good health and staying on the boat. You may come across some guilt about feeling great- like you're not allowed to feel great or that you must suffer. These are total illusions, based on vestiges of the Puritan paradigm and original sin. You have a right to be here, and you have a right to enjoy it.

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