Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Anxiety- Long Term approaches

Long term treatment of anxiety takes some deeper work, and more dedication. Act from a genuine want for a better and smoother life for yourself. The attitude of hating or resenting your anxiety feeds it, so having a loving, patient and positive attitude about it is a good place to start. Self love and faith are the best cure-alls for anxiety. If we love ourselves, and have faith that the world is going to be saved at the last possible moment, then there is no reason to be anxious.

Fear of making mistakes is often rooted in self-love issues. If we think we need to perform perfectly in order to matter, or "be worth something," anxiety is created around a situation in which you might make a mistake (ex. being late, forgetting something). It is important to be worth something, but your worth doesn't have to depend on your performance. You can choose to be unconditionally worthy of your existence. Fall in love with yourself. Write a love letter to yourself, take yourself out on a date, whisper "I love you" to yourself when you're alone, repeat "I love you" over and over and over to yourself in your mind, get smarmy with it. You are your most loyal fan.

Faith is equally key. Carrying around the assumption that life is going to be crappy is the very thing that manifests crappiness. "You get out what you put in" is indeed true. So, I choose to have faith that everything will work out no matter what. As I wrote earlier--the world will be saved at the last possible minute.

Giving  yourself permission to emote freely is also important to dispel emotional tension that can cause chronic anxiety. The need for emotional outlets have created art, sports, music, and dance. Unexpressed emotions can really fester inside, and create hatred and resentment. Our culture discourages a lot of emotions--even laughter is "inappropriate" at times--so giving yourself space to express them is revolutionary. There are many people who have so many backed up emotions that they feel numb. This also shuts out emotions like love and wonder. Living is rather dull without those! For those people, start with laughing, and really let yourself go for it. Try to find some time alone when you won't feel self conscious. Find a comedian on youtube, or just fake it til you make it.  My experience tells me that laughing is one of the strongest emotions, and can shake loose and exorcise all sorts of things. You may find yourself crying while you laugh. Run with it.

Herbs for Long-Term Anxiety Treatment
Drink these teas several times a week.

Decoction of Adaptogens for Anxiety
1 part ashwagandha root
1 part rhodiola root
1 part licorice root
1 part reishi mushrooms (pre-sliced is best)

Put a handful of herb mix in a quart of water in a pot on the stove (reishi may need to be added separately), and simmer for at least 10 minutes. Drink throughout the day, reheating as needed. I add more water throughout the day. The more you simmer the reishi, the better. I will post about making reishi tea soon.

Infusion for anxiety
2 parts tulsi leaf (vana tulsi is my favorite)
2 parts skullcap leaf
2 parts milky oat tops
1 part lemon verbena leaf

Put one teaspoon of your mix into a mug and cover with hot water. Cover the mug and let sit for 10-15 mins. This tea may have a sedative effect because of the skullcap. Put less skullcap to reduce that.

Here is a good place to buy bulk herbs online. You can also shop at your local herb shop that sells bulk herbs in jars.

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