Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Coffee Button

Hear what I have to say about the controversial topic of coffee.


  1. I really liked that video. You address the reasons that people drink coffee (emotional, habitual, etc.), and the necessity for gradual change in something as central to your life as diet/beverages.

    What would you recommend for people who need sudden blast of energy? Like for someone who wants to dance all night after a day of martial arts and weight lifting ;-)

    1. I get that question a lot, and it's a good one. Maté is fantastic for those times, and doesn't wreak as much havoc on the digestive system. Ginseng (Siberian and American) is great for energy, and doesn't have the same false stimulation. Raw Cacao nibs are also awesome, because cacao has stuff similar to coffee, but gentler. You can also carry them in your pocket. Ginger is also great in addition to all that, as it gets your blood moving.