Friday, February 24, 2012

One Step Closer to Liberation

One minute it's flaxseed meal, the next minute it's stem cell implants, and the next it's eating like cave-men. Whatever it is at the moment, everyone jumps on the bandwagon with dogmatic gusto without much regard for the bandwagon that they jumped from. If that sounds totally absurd, that's because it is. We get faithfully sucked up in these single solutions one a time and can't integrate anything to save our lives.

A "panacea" is a remedy for all diseases, or a "cure all." Most of us are instilled with this quest for the holy grail of solutions that will make it so we can all live forever, not have any problems or sicknesses, never be in pain, and never have to lift a finger or change anything. Sounds boring, drugged, lame, bland, repressed, and depressing. No room for growth, no room for mistakes, no consequences, no rewards, no fears, no stimulus, no excitement. People often ask me for miracles that won't take them any effort, and I find myself afraid to mention anything that would involve any sort of discomfort. There isn't space to have the conversations that really matter.

Here's the deal: If you really want to be a super-hero and live a radiantly fantastic and awesome life, you might have to step out of your comfort zone and lift that proverbial finger. You have full permission and ability to do exactly that at any moment. I highly encourage a daily dose of gumption and willingness to jump into the unknown. You and no one else (especially not me), must embark on this path. Your boyfriend/ dog /wife / mother/ son/ teacher/ therapist/ teddy bear/ author of favorite blog can support you in the process, but you've got to open the door, and you can do it.

What you don't see when you see me jumping around like a blissed-out 4-year-old is time I have spent ferociously conquering my fears and crying my eyes out to beat emotional repression. You don't see the hard, uncomfortable work I've put in to forgive myself, let go of self-judgement, break free of societal molds and flower into exactly who I am, doing exactly what I need to do.

You can choose to keep living with the wild hope that some panacea will save you (reminiscent of the Bible), or you can hike the do-it-yourself salvation plan.

Let's get clear. You have permission to dance in elevators, to yell at the top of your lungs, tell people what you really think rather than what they want to hear, write love letters to strangers, scream, ask for support, literally burn things that don't serve you, cry for no reason, do a job you love, choose to love the job you're doing, forgive everyone who scarred you in your childhood, drive somewhere random and get totally lost, be late for things, laugh really loud, draw cartoons even though you're not good at drawing, rest when you need to, cook with things you've never heard of before and eat it even if it doesn't taste good, burn dinner, talk to yourself, rehearse your award acceptance speech in the shower, plan elaborate events and have no one show up, buy 5 pounds of spirulina and eat it by the spoonful, offend people on accident, talk in weird accents, tell stories that make no sense, sing in the shower, listen to the smarmiest music ever and lay on the floor with all the blankets and pillows in the house. Whatever you choose to do with this radical freedom to do exactly what you need to do to be you, forgive yourself--for God's sake.

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