Monday, April 30, 2012

Problem? No problem!

Those who consistently smile in the face of adversity are masters of the universe.

It's been a while since my last post due to my recent trip to Bali, Indonesia. Despite this tropical hiatus, I know you are all still super-heroes, living the best lives ever. I have returned supercharged, with some fresh downloads to share, so get comfy.

Today's post is getting right to the thick of things. Problems. We've got our pockets full of them, our ears full of them, our eyes full of them. At some point, the zombie-pocolypse is going to sprout from the seeds of those problems if we don't do something--quick.

Please re-read the italicized bit at the beginning of the post and take it in as absolute truth. What would the world be like if we just remembered to enjoy while all hell is breaking loose? Well... it would always be enjoyable! While we may not choose what happens; we have complete power in the perspective we take on it. Depression is simply letting your problems defeat you, letting the nagging thoughts of unworthiness and meaninglessness take hold like demons in your mind. Everyone has the potential to be happy, radiant human beings.

I am not saying that making this choice is as easy as flipping a light switch. If it was, this post would be one line: "Just choose happiness, for God's sake." However, reaching this universal happiness can take all out war on those demons that have taken hold, and deep inner power. These demons are things like "I'm fat," "Nobody likes me," "I am afraid of talking to people," "What if I die," "What if I make a fool out of myself," "I feel guilty," etc.

Get clear about what the demon is. Once you can name it, it already has less power. This is where your superpower of introspection comes in. You can hone it by getting to know yourself and how your mind works. All of these thoughts are crafty, and can hide in the guise of other things, convince you that you'll never vanquish it, or just distract you with something else (even as simple as sleep, or itching). Don't get caught up in these traps. Focus and go for the gold.

Now for the decisive battle. This is where that inner fire comes in. At first, it may be like a candle; but like all superpowers, as you practice you will slowly master it. This is the battle for your life, so fight for the light. Goalsetting is key to this operation, as it may take some swimming upstream to switch around some of these thoughts. Start small, work upward, be realistic. Some of the things you may find necessary: self-forgiveness, conquering fears, crying, getting anger out in a healthy way and laughing.

All sorts of fun imagery can contribute to your certain victory: Listen to epic battle music from Lord of the Rings while meditating, imagine yourself as a jedi in your everyday life, get an actual sword and have a literal/ figurative battle, hone your jaguar growl and scare the demon away with your ferocity (the car is a good place to do this), practice your mock kung fu, get a piece of clothing that is your "superhero costume" and wear it on days when you need it, cultivate a sassy inner voice that tells demons off with style ("Nu-uh you ain't gonna keep me from havin' fun today. Step off!").

The playful approach is much more enjoyable than stoically meditating or doing painful yoga for an hour in an attempt to fight depression. Lighten up! Have more fun! Play! It is the very loss of these things that has brought on so much darkness at this time. It's the people who are tickling their friends, wearing silly hats, singing to themselves in the car, buying people gifts for no reason and dancing in the streets that are the most vital.

The final step is to return from battle to your positive, radiant self no matter what the outcome. Focussing and dwelling on your problems feeds them and makes them stronger. Sometimes we give all our attention to our problems and cannot see anything else--like a self-induced black hole. Our minds convince us that having problems is comfortable, and that breaking out of them and being wonderful is scary and impossible. Accept that's not true and get on with it!