Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Love Yourself and Enjoy Life

As I was riding my bike today (at an incredibly leisurely pace), I noticed that the majority of people I passed had expressions that looked worn down and distracted. I notice this often all over the world. People crushed by life.

You might be wondering by now why a blog supposedly based on herbs keeps talking about all this other stuff. What it comes down to is that my journey as an herbalist has shown me again and again that how you go about life and your core beliefs are far more important than what herbs you're taking. I seek the full picture, which is far more powerful that drinking tea or going to the doctor/ healer. The core message of this blog is: Love yourself and enjoy life.

We are super focused on keeping people alive in this culture, without much regard as to what kind of life they are living. For example, billions of dollars go into cancer research, yet very little attention is paid to addressing the emotional and physical roots of the disease. We are letting our fear of death run the show, rather than our love of life. Why fear death when you're not loving life? If you're an avid revolutionary or a liberation seeker--try for a moment right now to completely accept the possibility of death. Make it less of a big deal and you've dissolved a huge amount of the primal fear that plagues us on a daily basis. Of course, the awareness of death also holds some import, as it protects us from basic events like falling off our bikes.

Consider what the world would be like if we knew how to live well, enjoy ourselves thoroughly, feel and process our emotions clearly and thoroughly, and ultimately be happy and content with who we are and the life we are living. My direct experience shows that the emotional state manifests in the physical body in nearly all cases. Truly happy and free people tend to be healthy, and when they are sick they are still happy.

I'm not saying we should stop cancer treatment, stop giving mosquito nets to Africa and cease our search for an AIDS cure. Those are all worthy conquests. AND there might be something more important than avoiding death. What about the life that happens in between? 

I see people everywhere plagued by the question: "Why am I here?" The answer is obvious. We are here to bring light to the world. Anyone that's seen Star Wars can understand what that means. How you do that will be totally unique to you, but the task is the same across the board. So, rather than worrying about getting cancer, figure out how you bring light into the world and do it. While you're at it, have a cup of tea.