About Me

My mission for this blog is to integrate herbalism, nutrition, and emotional health. Since its beginning in November 2011, this blog has touched the lives of many people, and hopefully yours! I keep writing because I get emails, Facebook messages, and face to face feedback that say these words are inspiring people to greatness.

Also, I hope to revive the vast number of home remedies that was common knowledge just a few generations ago. This includes not only herbs, but simple first aid, and preventative practices such as hydrotherapy. People are so quick to see a doctor, or go to the hospital. However, knowing how to take care of yourself at home can prevent things from getting that serious. It can also save money and feel very empowering!

I am currently studying with Sheila Kingsbury, and am in the process of starting a clinical practice here in Seattle. See the services page for more information. Until July 2015, I'm offering a very reduced rate to help me get my practice off the ground. Make an appointment today!

In the past, I studied with Cascade Anderson Geller, who recently passed away. She is a huge inspiration for a lot of my methods and views.