Herbal consultations:

I am currently embarking on the journey to receive a Registered Herbalist (RH) certification through the American Herbalist's Guild, which is a rigorous and high standing certification. To do this, I must see 100 clients in 2 years. During this time, I will be seeing clients for an incredibly reduced rate (see more details below). This allows me to get experience with many clients, and in exchange people get an opportunity to gain valuable insight from an herbalist. See below for more information about my approach. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, please contact me for more information at nataliehammerquist (at)

About Herbalism:

Herbalism is the use of whole plants to bring people back to health. An herbalist is someone who practices herbal medicine. They may use many different preparations of herbs, such as teas, tinctures, and capsules. Herbal medicines are gentle and very effective when used properly, and can offer many things that pharmaceuticals cannot. There are also thousands of years of records and case studies on the use of herbs, and strong herbal traditions in every country with plants.

A little about my practice:
I am a traditional western herbalist, which means I help people using plant medicines as my primary tool. I studied with Cascade Anderson Geller, a celebrated herbalist in Portland. I'm currently involved in a mentorship with a local Naturopath (Dr. Sheila Kingsbury, chair of Botanical Medicine at Bastyr University). I use many other tools in my practice, including personal goal setting, nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations. I also sometimes work with emotional issues, as they are often closely related to whatever physical manifestations you may be seeing me for. My approach is such that I will expect to see you for a few follow up appointments. These appointments are shorter, and involve assessing progress and possibly changing formulas.

What the first appointment looks like:

I have every new client fill out an intake form (attached), either at home or during the first appointment. This gives me an idea of where to start. From there, I do an extensive interview in which I may ask questions about diet, lifestyle, emotions and health issues. I also use Chinese pulse and tongue assessment and face assessment. I will then work with you to create a plan. I may make you an herbal formula here in my house, or I may recommend one to buy at a local herb store. I don't have an office, so appointments take place at my house on Beacon Hill, in Seattle.


I am offering two options for paying right now. Since I am just starting out, I have devised to make it very reasonable. I have accepted a lot of barter, which has included homemade preserves, coaching appointments, vegetables, and herbs. I LOVE to barter, so feel free to make me an offer. I also accept money from people who have it. Sliding scale $20-60 per appointment. My rates will change in July when I go legit.

Workshops/ Classes

I lead workshops on native plant ID, medicine making and herbalism. I am a professional teacher, and my workshops are informative and engaging. I have taught many custom workshops for private groups, as well as for the public. If you are interested in hosting me for workshop, or private study, please contact me for more information.