Blogs I like:

Guido Masé's blog, A Vermont herbalist who runs an herb program online, and is part of a community herb clinic.

Todd Caldecott's Blog: A Vancouver, BC herbalist focused on Ayurveda

Elise Krohn's Blog: An herbalist from Olympia, WA who has some great posts about single local plants. I made her Oregon Grape Jelly recipe, and it was fantastic!

Rosalee de la Foret's blog: An herbalist from Methow Vally


I own a whole herbal library, but these are the books that have given me the most. The links will take you to a place to buy it online. I tried to find sites other than Amazon where possible, as I believe we should support small businesses.

"Making Plant Medicine", by Richo Cech is a practical beginner's guide to making and using common plant medicines. I refer to it every time I make a medicine. There are great instructions about tincture making, infused oils, vinegars, salves and others.

"A Year With James Wong: Grow Your Own Drugs" by James Wong is a book written to accompany the BBC4 TV show "Grow your own drugs". A fantastic book and show with colorful pictures and unique recipes. He has another book out with recipes from season 1, but I don't have it.

"Common Herbs for Natural Health" by Juliette de Bairacli Levy is a basic guide to the use of common european herbs. This is a classic book for folk herbalism.

"The Lost Language of Plants" by Stephen Harrod Buhner is a more philosophical book that totally blew my mind. I think everyone should read this book, and be fascinated.

"The Nature Doctor" by Dr H.C.A. Vogel is a book by a famous Swedish natural doctor who really knows his stuff, and explains it extensively in this 600 page book. It's one of those I'll never read cover to cover, but I've read entire sections on what interests me. His perspectives are invaluable and timeless.

Ordering Herbs and Herbal Products

I recommend buying herbs online mostly because it's much cheaper than getting them in a shop. I also find that they are fresher that way. The downside to this is you can't just get 1/2 ounce. I find it well worth it. Getting them from a good supplier is important.

Mountain Rose Herbs (Eugene, OR) This is where I get most of my herbs. Their prices are great and their quality is good. They also sell bulk herbs in 4 oz, 8 oz and 16 oz sizes. They also sell herbal extracts and lots of other herbal project materials, such as beeswax and almond oil.

Pacific Botanicals (Williams, OR) The smallest size these guys sell is 1lb, so you need to be serious about it. However, their quality is great, and they grow a lot of the herbs in the US on their farm, and others they get from local farms.

Star West Botanicals (Sacramento, CA)

Herbs for Healing (Gloucestershire, England, UK) An option if you live in

Movies/ TV Shows

- "Forks Over Knives"

- "Numen: the Healing Power of Plants"

- "Grow your own Drugs" a show with James Wong on BBC

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